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ARRI Director's chair ARRI Director's chair
The director's chair Alfred is a classic and all time favorite. The chair is branded with the white ARRI logo on the front AND on the back of the backrest…so the logo is always visible. Crossed legs, foldable armrests and a slightly...
€175.45 *
Key ring with an AMIRA doming on the front and laser engraving on the back side
€4.86 *
ARRI High Quality Lanyard ARRI High Quality Lanyard
Perfect for event passes or keys, this silver metal lanyard with ARRI engraving features a leather strap and a high quality metal key ring.
€19.49 *
ARRI Lorry Bag white NEW ARRI Lorry Bag white NEW
This trendy lorry bag in white comes with a big brand of ARRI in blue. It features a handy bag and a small bag under the cover. This bag material is very tough. Internal dimensions: 32(h)x26(w)x6(t) cm
€38.98 *
ARRI 100 years LAMY set Econ 240/140 ARRI 100 years LAMY set Econ 240/140
Both writing instruments are made of blasted stainless steel. With metal tip and characteristic clip. Ballpoint pen with LAMY large mast M 16 black M. Pressure pencil with 0,7 mm pencil lead M 40, Z 10 etching tip with cleaning needle....
€29.23 *
ARRI 100 years Ballpoint Pen ADLER ARRI 100 years Ballpoint Pen ADLER
THREE gifts in one with the stylish and distinctive Crowne Triple Function! Crafted from premium materials, it's more than just a pen - it's also a handy flashlight and stylus. Durable brass construction, smooth writing ballpoint, top...
€4.86 *
ARRI Ballpoint Pen ARRI Ballpoint Pen
Ballpoint pen with a diamond cut surface. With 1200 m blue-writing Dokumental® mine and TC-ball for ultra smooth writing.
€2.83 *
ARRI ALEXA Ballpoint Pen ARRI ALEXA Ballpoint Pen
This black galvanish pen writes in black ink and features a silver ALEXA logo on the clip.
€2.91 *
ARRI Cinematographer's Watch - Limited Edition ARRI Cinematographer's Watch - Limited Edition
There are countless wristwatches on the market catering to specialist technical fields such as aviation, diving, race-car driving and engineering, but none that are specifically designed for camera professionals. With this in mind, ARRI...
€487.39 *
ARRI Lightweight scarf ARRI Lightweight scarf
Measuring 50 x 50 cm, this versatile lightweight scarf is patterned with the traditional ARRI logo.
€4.86 *
ARRI AMIRA branded soft carry bag. For AMIRA camera with MVF-1, camera adapter and zoom lenses or other purposes (PORTA_CO-AB-MB black). ******************** Please order them directy at: per Mail! ********************
€381.13 *
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